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Board of Education Responsibilities

As a Board, your responsibilities include:
  • Hiring the Superintendent
  • Evaluating the Superintendent—by law the Board must evaluate the Superintendent at least one time during a 12 month period. Evaluating newly hired Superintendents twice during the first year of employment with the district
  • Adopting/reviewing board policy

The successful search process is collaborative in nature with communication as the key element.  NASB Search Services will maintain contact with the Board of Education to ensure a steady flow of information and forward motion.

The search begins with a comprehensive review of the needs and expectations of the school district.  Working closely with the Board of Education, school community and district community, a leadership profile will be developed to clearly identify the needs of the district and the qualifications and background of the ideal candidate.
Using proven protocol, procedures, and resources such as National School Boards Association (NSBA), National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS), and the Association of School Administrators (AASA), NASB Search Services will conduct an exemplary search.

NASB is a member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS)
What is NASS?
  • Over 60 search consultants in 36 states who serve superintendent searchers in the school boards associations throughout the United States (supported by NSBA).
  • An affiliation that harnesses the experience of search professionals who bring proven track records of placements that last, bringing sustained and quality leadership to your district.
  • An experienced network with diverse public and private sector background in government, human resources, marketing, and educational leadership.
Why does NASS exist?
  • To fulfill our mission: finding top executive leadership for school districts throughout the United States, through our core values: ethics, integrity, leadership and teamwork.
  • To collaborate nationally on the search process, including nationwide job postings and recruiting highly qualified candidates. 
  • To assist our colleagues in other states with nationwide job postings in highly visible industry publications and websites in order to notify a national market of the vacancy.
  • To research and identify best practices in the superintendent search hiring process.
  • To share vital background and reference information on candidates in other states.
  • To assist with recruiting highly qualified candidates that may not be actively looking for new leadership opportunities.

When your school district hires NASB to conduct a search, your district has tapped into one of the most experienced, qualified networks of search consultants in the United States, called the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS).

For Information, Contact: 

Shari Becker  |  Director of Search Service
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street  |  Lincoln, NE 68502
800-422-4572  |

Shari Becker, Director of Education Leadership Search Service
1311 Stockwell Street, Lincoln, NE 68502
(800) 422-4572
FAX: (402) 423-4961