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Applicant  |  Frequently Asked Questions

If an applicant applies for more than one position with the NASB Superintendent Search Service, is it necessary to submit duplicate copies of documents? 
  • No, once an applicant has submitted supporting documentation (Administrative College Transcripts, Administrative Certificate, Letters of Recommendation and Character Reference Forms) for the general application, Association staff will ensure documentation is included in your applicant file for each position applied for by the applicant. The applicant may wish to forward a current letter of application for each specific position applied for or submit a general letter of application.
Does the NASB Superintendent Search Service maintain a stable of applicants?
  • No.  The NASB Superintendent Search Service mission is to work collaboratively with the Board of Education to ensure a highly professional search process.  The Association will screen each completed application and allow the board to identify interview candidates and hire the most qualified candidate. 
I submitted my application.  My background, experience, and skills match the district, but I have not received an interview.  Why?
  • The NASB Superintendent Search Service screens each completed application and presents all screened applicants to the Board of Education for consideration.  The board identifies the applicants to be interviewed and determines who will be hired.  While you may be qualified for the position, there may be an individual whose strengths align more closely with what the district is seeking.
How do I apply for a specific position available through the NASB Superintendent Search Service?
  • To be considered for a Position Available posted on the NASB Superintendent Search Service website, the applicant must complete the following steps:
  • Create a user profile
  • Create a General Superintendent Job Application
  • Upload a Resume
  • Upload a copy in PDF format of your Administrative College Transcripts
  • Upload a copy in PDF format of your Nebraska Administrative Certificate
  • Upload a copy in PDF format of the Release of Information form 
  • Email or Upload three (3) Confidential Letters of Reference
  • Print and distribute (3) Character Recommendation Forms  (Note:  Please distribute the Character Recommendation Form with instructions for the individual to return it directly to the NASB Superintendent Search Service/1311 Stockwell Street/Lincoln, NE  68502)
  • Once the user Profile is created including the Superintendent Job Application and Resume, the applicant may simply apply for a specific position by accessing the Current Positions Available. Select the district of interest and click on "Apply".
Do you conduct background checks?
  • A criminal background check, credit check, Adult/Child Abuse Check will be conducted on each candidate the board selects to interview.  NASB Superintendent Search Service provides the board with documentation of the results to validate the completion of the background checks.
Where do I find information regarding what is required to secure my Nebraska Administrative Certificate?
Can an applicant apply for too many positions?
  • The Association search service provides each board with extended opportunities to advertise and expose the district's vacancy to a vast audience.  Through the advertising venues we utilize, it is our intent to attract many well-qualified applicants.  The Association would encourage you to apply for any and all positions you feel are desirable and suit your qualifications.  However, it is important to remember many well-qualified applicants may apply for one position; therefore, many applicants may be passed over as the board narrows the applicants to best match the district's needs. We also caution applicants not to apply for positions they would not accept if offered.  
Should an applicant contact board members of a district that is conducting a search through the Association?
  • If the board has hired the NASB Superintendent Search Service to conduct the search, the applicant should refrain from contacting board members.  If the board is conducting their own search, it would be appropriate to communicate with the designated district contact.

For Information, Contact:

Shari Becker  |  Director of Search Service
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street  |  Lincoln, NE 68502
800-422-4572  |

Shari Becker, Director of Education Leadership Search Service
1311 Stockwell Street, Lincoln, NE 68502
(800) 422-4572
FAX: (402) 423-4961