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Board Member  |  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of hiring the NASB Education Leadership Search Service vs. the board doing the search without assistance?
  • NASB Education Leadership Search Service works in partnership with the board to meet the specific needs of the board and district.  The search service facilitates the process while the board has complete ownership and authority to define how the search is carried out.  The NASB Search Service staff provides a meticulous search protocol.  This attention to detail and the ability to complete an in depth professional, personal, internet and criminal background check ensures the integrity of NASB and the candidates the board selects to interview.We provide a credible and proven process and to validate our success we provide the names of board members and superintendents who willingly serve as References to share their personal experience and perspective.  Finally, the assistance of the NASB Education Leadership Search Service saves the board a great deal of time and work.
What is the role of staff and community in the search process?
  • The search process provides a tremendous opportunity for the board to engage staff and community in a very important task. Inviting the input of key stakeholders such as staff, students, parents, and community members validates the board's outreach to the district and community when faced with one of the most important responsibilities the board must carry out. outreach to the district and community when faced with one of the most important responsibilities the board must carry out.
Will the NASB Education Leadership Search Service provide a guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction?
  • NASB provides a two-year guarantee on the search for boards that complete a Leadership Team Planning session with NASB. The board may select goal planning, strategic planning, community engagement, etc. The only cost to the district would be NASB travel. In the event the newly hired superintendent would leave the district during the first two years of service for any reason, NASB will reopen the search only charging the district for incurred expenses. 
Does the NASB Education Leadership Search Service maintain a stable of applicants?
  • The NASB Search Service objective is to assist the board of education in identifying and hiring the most qualified candidate, not to help applicants find a job.  The NASB Search Service is committed to helping the board attract a group of applicants that will allow the board to hire a leader who will meet the needs of the district and the leadership profile defined by the board.
How does the board decide how much to pay a superintendent?
  • The NASB Education Leadership Search Service will provide the board with current and complete data regarding superintendent compensation for the board’s consideration.  The board collectively defines the base salary and benefit package offered to the candidate of their choice. 
What if the board is not convinced they have found the right person for the job?
  • The Association will provide assistance until the board is completely satisfied with the hire. 
What services will the NASB Education Leadership Search Service provide to a board that wishes to conduct the search without the guidance of a consulting firm? 
  • NASB will post the vacancy on the NASB search website at Current Positions Available and provide a link to the district website. This service is offered at a cost of $250 to member districts; however, if a competing search firm is hired to conduct the search the Association will not advertise the opening on the search site.
Do board members qualify for NASB Awards of Achievement Program points if NASB Education Leadership Search Service conducts the superintendent search?
  • When your board hires the NASB Search Service to conduct your search, each board member will receive awards of achievement points.
Will the Association conduct a background check on applicants?
  • The Association will conduct a comprehensive personal, professional and internet reference check, as well as a criminal background check, credit check, and Adult/Child Abuse check on each individual the board selects to interview.  
Who would I speak to find out more information about NASB Education Leadership Search Service?
  • NASB Search Service Director, Shari Becker, would welcome the opportunity to provide additional information and/or meet and discuss how our professional superintendent search service may be of assistance to your board and district. You may contact Shari to acquire more information or to schedule a convenient time to meet.
Shari Becker  |  Director of Search Service
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street  |  Lincoln, NE 68502
800-422-4572  |

Shari Becker, Director of Education Leadership Search Service
1311 Stockwell Street, Lincoln, NE 68502
(800) 422-4572
FAX: (402) 423-4961